Verizon: Shopping Experience Redesign

A project approach for refreshed experience.


How might we create an easier shopping experience?

Situation: Current purchasing architecture is nontransparent and fragmented. Lack of unified purchasing framework leads to major inefficiencies.

Challenge: There are fundamental issues with our digital experiences. We don’t recognize our customers well and the pricing narrative is confusing.


  • Reduce call in rate

  • Improve Net Promoter Score

  • Increase purchasing in digital channels


  • Rationalize the structure: Simplify, communicate and build a single purchasing framework to increase operational efficiencies for design and IT.

    • What is the most customer friendly way to present the modes of building cart, configuring items, choosing device protection, choosing accessories, reviewing items, entering payment info, activating promo/discount, applying Up credits, trading in, etc?

  • Clean up the narrative: Improve the price clarity and consistency from gridwall to 2nd bill to reduce CIR and NPS detractors.

    • Where in the flow should the credit check live? How should we show pricing before vs after a credit check?

  • Fix what’s broken: Create a path for CX tickets to be addressed to start improving our platforms now.

    • What is the workflow to report CX issues?

Approach: Understand the current state. Communicate the extent of fragmentation in current architecture. Equip with data and goals for sales channels to understand their relative impact, priority and desired trajectory. Also, become experts on Verizon’s purchase flows, and document issues and opportunities.

Key questions:

  • What patterns currently exist? What introduces the most complexity?

  • Relatively, how profitable are the various flows to the business?

  • In what situations do customer most frequently call care? abandon cart? start chat?

  • How do we make i hard for people to give us their money?

  • How will we maintain and organize CX issues identified by broader team going forward?

We need to focus on the fundamentals of our digital purchasing channels to begin to reach out goals.

  • Improve build efficiency
    Now: Upgrade and NSE, as only two examples, being designed and maintained separately
    Future: All flows share a single purchase framework that can scale for the variety of products we well


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