Verizon: Smart Setup

Smart Setup is the easy way to set up your phone… anywhere, anytime you want.


How might we empower our customers to seamlessly move between devices?

Situation: There’s a myth that setting up a phone on your own is too complex and risky. Setting up devices in-store is time insensitive, and ties up reps at the times they’re most needed, leading to lost sales. It is costly for Verizon.

Challenge: Verizon is reducing the time customers spend in the store by getting them to complete phone setup and data transfer on their own time. How do we turn this process into a service? How can we create value for something looked as a utility at best and a chore at worst?


  • Make sure customers can quickly and easily activate a new device on their own

  • Understand the customer experience and opportunities between purchase and activation

  • Reduce the time employees spend on setup and activation tasks

  • Communicate ease of setup as a competitive differentiator

Strategy: Setup from the comfort of wherever. Verizon’s new self-setup allows you to setup your new smartphone wherever there's Wi-Fi. Your couch, tub, gym, summer home, airport, the club, the pool,  or anywhere that's comfortable for you. 

Approach: To succeed, we must face a few challenges head on.

  • We have to calm customer anxiety about change.

  • We have to ensure customers don’t expect phone setup to feel like extra work.

  • We have to make it clear Verizon will not leave customers to solve it alone.


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