About Me


My Story

Hello! My name is Shawn Vasandani; I'm originally from Los Angeles and currently live in NYC. I believe in user research that's designed into a lean or agile process, prototyping to see how people naturally use the product, and pairing human-centered design with business strategy. 

I have a keen curiosity for other creative processes and enjoy learning new skills that allow me to look at problems through a different lens. 

Here's a quick summary:

  • I have six years of design experience, working my way from the trenches, to starting my own company, up to becoming a Product Designer.

  • I've designed digital products in the following industries: e-commerce, advertising, hospitality, media, and software.

  • Currently, I’m at Verizon creating an easier shopping experience.

Previously, I was at Complex Networks where I helped redesign a few websites, build chatbots, and create a first to market video platform, called Shuffle.

Also, I was part of a small team that launched Uber in Southern California and designed an application that allowed the company to rapidly scale multiple products in several cities.

I’m more than happy to connect and talk design, product, or some sports. Hit me up at shawn.vasandani@gmail.com.


Interesting Facts

  1. I teach and mentor students looking to get into UX; instructor page.

  2. Member of the Interaction Design Association.

  3. I'm on IMDB and a huge Lakers fan.

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